Kharkiv plant «Mashgidroprivod» was founded in 1944 and today is the largest manufacturer of piston, plunger and telescopic hydraulic cylinders with a nominal pressure of 16-32 MPa, general and special purpose.

 Since it's inception plant was a mechanical repair base, a year later was named the Kharkov mechanical-repair plant. The company released tilting and trolley, platform narrow gauge. In 1950 the factory was renamed on the Kharkov factory of road cars.

 In 1960 it became head of the production of trucks and bulldozers grubber on crawler tractors. Constantly improving technology production, introduced a new high-performance equipment. In 1982, the factory has been redeveloped in the basic enterprise of the Ministry of Construction and Road Machinery of the USSR for the production of hydraulic cylinders piston and began to carry the name «Budgidroprivod».

 Transition to market economy conditions required to review the organization of production, creating new product designs while creating links with new businesses.

 Our clients are the largest machine building factories: «Kharkiv Tractor Plant», «AvtoKrAZ» (Kremenchug), JSC «Chervona Zirka» (Kirovohrad), Dnipropetrovsk Combine Plant, SE MH «Gidromash» (r, Melitopol), JSC «Onega Tractor Plant» (Petrozavodsk), JSC «Kommash»(Arzamas), etc.

 With a good scope for increasing output and expanding the range of products, the company needs a stable and reliable partner and is ready to consider any mutually beneficial proposals from interested companies and individuals.

 Since 2003, the company is a member of the corporation «UkrInnMash», which to date includes:

  • Plant «HZTO»
  • Plant «Mashgidroprivod»