About company

 Our products have wide application in various sectors of the economy and is a working body and one of the main elements of hydraulic systems and road construction, agricultural, municipal, forestry machines and mechanisms.

 Today, a powerful production base, advanced technological system and qualified personnel allow to produce high quality and wide range.

 Currently, the plant reproductive hydro cylinders with the following parameters:

  • pressure from 6.3 to 40 MPa;
  • diameter of the cylinder from 40 to 250 mm;
  • move cylinder to 2400 mm;
  • stem diameter from 25 to 200 mm.

 With a chain of compliance with international standards in the production of hydraulic cylinders since 1998. company uses German seals Merkel world leader in this area - the company Freudenberg-Simrit AG. The company Freudenberg-Simrit AG - the world-renowned developer of technologies compaction and vibration, which through many years of experience and high quality products, has gained worldwide recognition. The use of these seals leak and improves reliability and ensures high availability cereal products. Due to this very important factor in our company has increased the warranty period of operation up to 18 months from the date of installation of hydraulic cylinders on the machine.

 If the cylinders, you need structurally different from mass-produced by our company, we are able to produce them upon request.

 Also on the industrial base of the plant «Mashgidroprivod» producing and thorough reconditioning graders SHR-180 (analog RS-143. RS-180) and SHR-122 (analog RS-1221) on the basis of a certificate from the OS «UKRSEPROprombud», registered in UARegister UA 1,057-113442-03.

 The products are certified under the international standard ISO-9001:2009

 Also, products have certificate of conformity